Over the years there have been rumors that the final year of the Yankee Ultralights was quickly closing in, and I'm sorry to say we have had our last year. After several years, the interest has been dwindling, and we are not able to carry on.

We are working closely with the newly create Crow Island Aviators EAA Chapter out of Stow, Mass. We encourage all of our member who are looking for an active group who is fired up and ready to go to look into this club to continue to spread our love of aviation. For more information, please visit the Contact Page

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We are dedicated to promoting aviation as a safe and responsible sport.


Yankee Ultralight Flyers Club History:


After returning from a popular upstate New York Ultralight Fly-In in 1990, a group of avid ultralight pilots founded the Yankee Ultralight Flyers Club. The "club" began meeting at Bob Ring's field in Berwick, Maine and was soon chartered by the United States Ultralight Association as Club #202. We are also affiliated with The Experimental Aircraft Association as U/L Chapter #67.



Our club is perhaps best known for the annual fly-in that we host every mid-July at Ted Sanderson's field in Greenland, New Hampshire. The 1999 Fly-In (our 8th) was chosen by the U.S. Ultralight Association as one of three national signature events. Since then, each year's Fly-In has been designated as a "USUA Signature Event."



As the 22nd anniversary of our club nears it has grown by leaps and bounds Where we started as an ultralight organization we have developed into an all out aviation community. Our event now attracts airplanes everywhere from ultralight home builts to general aviation twin engine birds, including helicopters and even a DC3 that saw fit to join in the festivities.



One of the events that we all look forward to every year is the convergence of youth who participate in our EAA Young Eagles program where youth from 8 - 17 can take a free ride in one of our member's airplanes and be introduced to the joy of flight. At the culmination of their experience the child will receive an entry in the EAA's "World's Largest Logbook", a certificate indicating their participation, a log book to record personal flight hours in and most of all a giant smile to show they have experienced what we love so much.



Stop in and see what aviation is all about. Meet the grass roots aviators that are the backbone of our sport in person and get a first hand look at the aircraft they fly.